Mind Crossing NYC, 2017

May 2017, Collaboration with the artist/musician Tal Gur (talgur.net) Photos: Izik Mishan concept/composition: Tal Gur

Choreography/dance: Jasmin Avissar

Dance: László Benedek, Jasmin Avissar

Music: Noa Fort, Rene Hart, Nick Anderson

Technical support: Al Hoberman 

Mind Crossing Munich, 2018


July 2018, Outdoors performance in Alten Botanischen Garten München as part of the exhibition Family Archives in the Kunstpavillon Munich.

with: Tal Gur, Herbert Könighofer, László Benedek, Jasmin Avissar, Friedemann Derschmidt, Ralf Homann

Photos: Ralf Homann

Special thanks to Ron Blume for making this performance possible!!



Tal Gur and Jasmin Avissar collaborate in a multi disciplinary performance of music and dance to examine the possibilities of performing arts to act as a tool for redefining family narratives and identities.

The performance follows the story of Arye and Sonja, Tal Gur`s grandparents, Holocaust survivors on their route of refuge after World War II, portrayed through letters Arye wrote to his sister form their journey.

Mind Crossing Vienna, 2017

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien - Semper Depot on June 2017

with: Tal Gur,  Jasmin Avissar,  László Benedek,  Herbert Könighofer, Hannah Eisendle, Christian Stolz

Technical support: Richard Dixon, Yarden Zana 

Installation: Alexandra Ben-Abba, Costumes: Juhász Józsefné Irénke

Photos: Eckhart Derschmidt, ,Mela Richtig,  

Performance hosted by Media Labor Akademie der Bildenden Künste - Friedemann Derschmidt 

What does it mean to start the performance

at the entrance of the brown quarter in Munich? 

How does the clash of memories and reality affects the performance? 

Are we as blind today as we were in the past? 

Can we read the signs or just keep tangoing in the park?


The space itself of the Alten Botanischen Garten and the Kunstpavillon, added another layer to 

the piece and allowed Tal and Jasmin to connect the personal family story to a wider sphere of cultural memory. In this space, past and present coexist, creating inner contradictions and broken mirrors which brought different aspects of the work forward.

Mind Crossing-segment Parallel 5.7.2020, Weißgerberviertel Vienna

Tal Gur (composition, live-stream music, Israel)
Jasmin Avissar (Choreography, dance)
László Benedek (dance)
Birgit Stöger (text, theatrical intervention)
Jan Thümer (text, theatrical intervention)
Karin Schneider (research, workshop)
Anna Vera Derschmidt (Assistance)

Mind Crossing-Linz 19.9.2020

collaboration with Stadtmuseum Nordico

Tal Gur (composition, live-stream music, Israel)
Jasmin Avissar (Choreography, dance)
László Benedek (dance)
Jan Thümer (text, theatrical intervention)
Casimir Paltinger (guided tour)
Karin Schneider (research, workshop)
Anna Vera Derschmidt (Assistance)

from the Choreographer's note:

"...Taking Mind Crossing to the open space surprised me as an artist and as a performer. by bringing the choreography to different locations, I was overwhelmed by the associations and triggers it invoked in me, not on the content layer alone, but personally through my own stories.

Certain locations, with specific history, brought forward different imagery and allowed other aspects of the piece to function as a mirror reflection to the hidden stories in each place.  I realized that locations in open space with embedded memories and histories leave traces which linger over time. to those traces – sometimes even invisible traces - I could connect the human stories I was telling, through the artistic language, and thus intertwine the personal story of one person with the embedded histories of the place we live in. 

This is what this project is all about: crossing minds, memories, languages, stories, space and time." 

from Tal Gur's notes:

".....For this performance, we are focusing on the intersections of history, place and the personal story. We are giving more space to the traveling aspect of the piece and questioning the element of guidance, hoping to evoke that mental movement that goes hand in hand with the action of walking, imagining and learning about the history of Linz."

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Arye and Sonja

Weißgrebervirtel Wien 5.7.2020 photo: Amela Ristic Jasmin Avissar, László Benedek