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Original work by Osama Zatar, printed on a T-Shirt (available in different sizes)
Artists' statement: 
As immigrants or foreigners, one is often asked,  “ where do you come from?”
At first seems as an innocent question, but in Europe of the 21st century, this question is charged with racist, nationalistic and xenophobic background. This question at its core is a mirror of our current way of defining ourselves, in the modern form of nationality, religion and culture.
I chose to answer this question with a challenge: “where do you come from? I come from my mother”. To emphasize the elements that unite humans instead of separating them. We usually tend to put people into categories or “boxes”, to reassure our own definitions. I give another “box” as an answer – to put the other and me in the same box.

T-Shirt: "Ich komme aus meiner Mutter"

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